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Prospective Students


With the broad expertise of the resident faculty, the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance at TCU (SCCD) offers each student a unique study opportunity. Students are mentored as individuals and as valued members of the broader university community.


Degree-seekingundergraduatestudents in the SCCD learn to articulate – and further develop - the performative and creative language of dance. Dancers are in the studio daily, developing technique and artistry. They inform and cultivate their dance practice within a critical inquiry into history, theoretical foundations, teaching methods, design studies, somatic studies, and pedagogical philosophies.


Scholarship combines theory and practice as students hone their dance research and writing skills. History comes alive in the classical variations course; theory meets practice as students hone their abilities to analyze their own choreographic work and that of others; and dancers integrate the design skills they acquire across the curriculum when lighting their own choreographies. And, with an understanding of body mechanics, dancers learn to turn their knowledge both inward – as they work toward performance – and outward – as they begin to communicate as teachers themselves.