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The School for Classical & Contemporary Dance at TCU

PO Box 297910

Fort Worth, Texas 76129



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Sharen Bradford The Dancing Image


Alexandra Corazza  (BA, Dance and Photography, 2005)


Photographer Linda Kaye was an institution at TCU. She passed away in October 2007 and is deeply missed. The majority of the photos in our Concert Gallery were shot by Linda Kaye.  She photographed our dance concerts for more than forty years.  Although she never wanted photo credit, we want to acknowledge what a valuable member of our community she was.


Bob Morrison


Buddy Myers Photography



Amy Peterson, TCU


Leslie Scott (BFA, Modern Dance, 2004)


Marty Sohl and Edward Casati


Susan Vogel

Health-Care Provider:

Proud to be the official health-care provider for TCU SCC Dance.